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Mundane Sex Desires

The conditioned soul in the material world is in a state of madness. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma. (SB 5.5.4) Forgetting his eternal, blissful relationship with Krishna, he is suffering life after life, being kicked and spat upon by maya. But he is smiling, taking it as enjoyment. Why? Because he is charmed by the glitter of false happiness, beginning with sex pleasure. Sex desire is the main symptom of insanity exhibited by the conditioned soul.

Such foolish beings are always intrigued and charmed by the opposite sex. With the onset of puberty, male youths, especially those who have not been trained otherwise, become overwhelmed by sexual desires. They take every opportunity to mingle with and enter into relationships with the opposite sex. Although they get limited opportunities to do so, their consciousness is always saturated with thoughts of touching the bodies of the opposite sex, seeing their naked forms, and engaging in sexual intercourse. They say “love,” but they have only lust.

Even the more sober members of society who are not cultivating gross sexual lust as their main business in life may be captivated by fantasies of enjoying the body of a sexual partner, for the thought of sex is never far away from the mind of a conditioned soul.

But there is nothing intrinsically beautiful about any material body. Even the bodies of beauty queens are simply bags of skin filled with foul-smelling, revolting substances. Blood, mucous, bile, stool, and urine combined as muscles, bones, fat, liver, heart, and intestines—that is what they are having sex with! Sexual happiness is the happiness of uniting the two urine-producing parts. Yet by the mighty power of illusion, an arrangement of skin and flesh overrides all logic and sanity and brings even a person of intelligence down to the level of a dog. As a pig is attracted to a sow, or a male cockroach to a female, so is the sexual desire of a man for a woman. It is not even slightly more elevated than that of the pigs.

There is really nothing special about sex. It is not wonderful, it is not noble, it is not romantic—it is just a bodily function, a response to raw gut feeling. If you think about it soberly, the whole prospect of sex seems rather silly. Still, everybody is doing it. The president of America is doing it, the bums on the street are doing it, the cats and dogs are doing it. Only a few great souls are attempting to conquer over it.

In human society sex desire is expanded into many forms, under the headings of profit, adoration, and distinction. All the trappings of so-called civilization—society, friendship, love, house, cars, clothes, position, power, prestige, money, and so on—are simply for facilitating and expanding this animal instinct called sex desire. But despite its external glamour, unless human society seeks out real beauty, which is Krishna, then it has not advanced any more than the pigs or any other animals.

And despite all their emphasis on it, still, as surveys show, many karmis are actually bored at the time of sex. Then why don’t they give it up and take to Krishna consciousness, the real nectar of life? Because they know nothing better, don’t want to change, and are hoping against hope that sex will make them happy.

Those who are fortunate will take to Krishna consciousness for real advancement of life. Krishna consciousness is far above the perversions of the gross materialists and the fruitless efforts of the jnanis and yogis. Even a neophyte devotee can be confident of gradually conquering over lust, because he has got the right method; that is, to revive his natural, real love—his love for Krishna. If he sticks to the path, then he will in due course of time achieve full Krishna consciousness. Then he will be completely satisfied forever. Brahmacarya is meant for developing clear, unsentimental, uncompromising understanding of these points as the basis for making rapid, determined progress in spiritual life.

All the advice given in this book is based on this understanding: sex cannot make us happy; only Krishna can make us happy. Devotees who regularly study Shrila Prabhupada’s books can keep this understanding active in their hearts. Then following all the rules and regulations of spiritual life will come naturally.


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